Our Services

Our Personnel Experience

FDKL is committed to providing its Clients with the highest level of service possible, based on concepts of experience, integrity and innovation. This is achieved by the involvement of the firm’s principals and through the widespread and specialist experience of the firm’s staff and its associates. These include designers, construction and maintenance specialists, academic and research engineers, economist, transport planners, environmental experts, hydrologist, management and financial experts, systems analysts and social experts.

We provide assistance in the planning and performing of field investigations for various geotechnical and material investigations. Projects such as housing projects, centreline investigations for road upgrade or construction, sourcing of material for construction, borrow pit investigations and water related projects.

Material related assistance in the form of concrete design, asphalt and surfacing designs

Compilation of geotechnical or material reports indicating the various risk, constraints or suitability of materials to be taken into account during the design phase of the projects.


FDKL under the principal member Logan Gounder has successfully executed a number of projects. Mr Gounder is a registered member with the Engineering Council of South Africa and the Association of Arbitration of South Africa. Details of some relevant assignment carried out by Logan Gounder; D Eng, Pr Tech Eng. “A A Arb” is attached herein.

Our Experiences with Various Institutions

FDKL under leadership of Principal member has successfully executed projects financed by Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), the Central Government at Ministerial and Regional levels, the World Bank/IDA, USAID, and Parastatal Organisations. 

Our Management and Staffing

The company employs experienced professional engineers, technicians and support staff to undertake the normal core activities of the company.  Whenever a project requires a specialist discipline the firm resorts to its associates. FDKL also offers training opportunity to its staff to acquire the necessary technology and skills both through in house and external training.