FDKL Materials Testing Laboratory

FDKL product offering is extensive. The company is equipped, accredited and specialises in the testing and analysis of a variety of materials and products with quick turnaround testing times and accurate reporting.

We cover all aspects of laboratory testing from commercial laboratories, mobile and on-site testing, with our strength and expertise in:

♦ Soil and Gravel Testing

We offer advanced soil and gravel testing, assist with the evaluation of soil properties to engineering requirements in terms of bearing capacity, material durability and robustness. Every sample submitted for testing goes through a unique registration process captured in our computer database system before it is processed through our different divisions.

♦ Aggregate Testing

We provide accurate selection and verification of materials in aggregates used in concrete and asphalt on which shape, hardness and durability properties are assessed.   

♦ Asphalt and Bitumen Testing

We offer the full scope of design and acceptance testing on hot mix asphalt, seals and bitumen.

 ♦ Concrete Testing  

We ensure all materials used in the building process meet the high standards of the building and roads industry.

♦ Geotechnical Testing

Assistance in the planning and performing of field investigations for various geotechnical and material investigations

♦ Core Drilling   

 ♦ Specialist on-site testing such as plateload testing, DPSH (Dynamic Probe Super Heavy), SPT (Standard Penetration Testing)

♦ As well as material investigation which includes centre line, borrow-pit, geotechnical and foundation investigations, with test results delivered in a fully comprehensive professional report.